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Free CIS Solution on the Internet
Construction Industry Scheme
CIS 300 Montlhy Return
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Free CIS on the Internet is a 100% Internet based solution specifically designed for the construction and allied industries. Not only is it fully compliant with the HMRC's new CIS scheme, it will also bring astonishing efficiency to the management of your sub contractors. Click here for DEMO.

Construction IndustryYour sub contractors can log on to your website and enter the invoices they wish to submit to you. If you approve the invoices the system will automatically calculate all the payments and deductions (tax) and compile a monthly return. The sub contractor can also log on to view and print their CIS payments and deductions at anytime for their current and previous statements.

HMRC E-filingCIS on the Internet links to the HMRC verification request server at all times and allows you to conduct individual or batch sub contractor verifications at any time. Once a sub contractor is verified, the system will auto-update the status and instantly reflect this in the calculation of payments and deductions. CIS Monthly Tax Returns (CIS300) involve just a simple click of the mouse because the data is automatically compiled.

The system CIS Verification Reporthas adopted a powerful Relational Data Base Management System (RDBMS) for its backend and thus enables you to produce comprehensive reports. CSV files for various reports are also available so you can export your data.

CIS on the Internet has been built for flexibility and integration. Using CIS on the Internet, in conjunction with CIS on the Internet Payroll, avoids unnecessary double entry of transactions. The system can be run on the Internet and an Intranet so it gives you the option of conducting your CIS management and returns from anywhere in the world. Click on the "DEMO" button to see a HTML Demo on how CIS on the Internet works.

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