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Service Prices applicable
Day to Day Payment process for complete Tax Year
  • Free CIS on the Internet (up to a maximum of 50 subcontractors ) The free CIS on the Internet service includes processing your complete payment to subcontractors and payrun to employees based on a HMRC PAYE recognised standard and printing your payment statment and payslips onto plain paper or security payslip paper. It also allows your subcontractors / employees to have individual accounts for logging in to view / print their own current and past (up to 3 years) payemnet statments, payslips, P60, and P11D at any time, and update their own personal contact details, etc.

E-Filing CIS 300 Returns and CIS Verification Request

  • Processing your CIS 300 Monthly returns.

  • CIS verification request to HMRC server at all times and allows you to conduct individual or batch sub contractor verifications at any time.

  • E-Filing your CIS 300 Monthly returnsto the HMRC. (The advantage of using our E-Filing system is that you don't waste your time re-keying in the data. All the data will then be accurate).

£ 3 per Employee
RTI Payroll Prices
To process your complete pay run based on a HMRC RTI PAYE Free recognised standard securely over the https with 128 bit data encryption 24 x 7 where ever you are. FREE
To link the payroll with your own chosen Accounting package Time and Attendant software or HR package through web services or CSV output (coming soon) FREE
To E-file the complete Statutory required returns to HMRC Including EAS, FFPS, FPS, EPS, NVR and EYU FREE
eReciepts of P6, P9, SL1, NINO from the HMRC. and further auto Free updates of these notices into your account FREE
To allow Employees to View / Print their own ePayslips, P60 Free up to 6 years old and update their own personal data (optional) at any time, securely, over the https FREE
To View / Print your payslips, P45, P60 and various reports in hard copy FREE
To email the payslips with the given PDF payslips you downloaded FREE
To Appoint additional User(s) to Manage the Payroll system FREE
To Appoint an Auditor to securely audit the Payroll over the https FREE
To SMS your payslips to the employees (Ask for a Quote)
This covers the following product range:  
  • Free Internet Payroll Star (unlimited number of employees)
  • Free Payroll for Employees (unlimited number of employees)
  • Free Payroll Multi-User (unlimited number of employees)
  • Free Pay Bureau/Payroll Agent (unlimited clients),
    (see price examples below)
  • For employers with 1 to 9 Employees
  • Trail / Test Use with 10 - 5,000 employees (No FINAL FPS)
  • For employers with 10 or more Employees
    (eg. 10 employees will cost £ 30, 25 employees = £75)
£ 3 per Employee for the whole tax Year

PricePAYMENT INVOICES DATE: We will only invoice you and ask you to pay us once a year when you have completed the Final FPS process, usually in April (End of the Tax Year). You will never need to pay us if you never use the system to process the FINAL FPS regardless of the number of employees you have.

Note: The number of employees is counted by the number of P60s generated after you have completed the Final FPS process at the end of the tax year regardless of the Final FPS file being e-filed to the HMRC. Our system will generate the P60 for all of the employees you have employed during the tax year, including those who have left during the year and have received a P45 from your company.

The Final FPS return is the same as the usual regular FPS return, except that you need to indicate that this is the FINAL FPS, that is the only difference. Without completing the Final FPS you will not be able to move to the new tax year.

Payroll Functions Between Paid and Free Payroo: The pay run functions and the eReturn functions will be exactly the same between those who need to pay for the service and those who are using it for free. However, both will have to view some advertisements placed on our website or emails at our discretion. The advertisements will not affect your private data as they are open common adverts, not targeted adverts.

Free TrialTest Use is FREE: You may sign up before RTI starts and try out the RTI functions. Our Trial RTI does not allow you to e-file any RTI returns. However, you may migrate all your employees on to the system and try out all of the calculations without making any returns. At the end of the tax year you simply click on START NEW TAX year and tell us that your account was set up to try out our services and all the calculated data was just trial data, then we will move you to the new tax year without any charges.

RTI PILOT MEMBERS :Our system is ready today for anyone who wishes to start RTI earlier than the compulsory date in April 2013. Those who start earlier are known as pilot members. To get onto the pilot scheme you need to contact HMRC to ask for an On Board Date i.e. the date when you can start the RTI Pilot Scheme. Next, you need to migrate the employees' static data and the calculated YEAR TO DATE (YTD) data to our system. The charge for the RTI Pilot members is the same as what is described above i.e. we will invoice you once you have completed the FINAL FPS.

End of Year (EOY) Returns and E-Filing

  • Compiling and E-Filing of your in year P45 and P46 forms.

  • Downloading your P6, P9 tax codes, and SL1,  SL2 notices from the HMRC Data Provisional Service  (DPS) and conducting  auto-tax code updates.

  • Processing your EOY and you then printing out your P14 and P35 and re-keying in this data on to the HMRC website and E-Filing from there.

  • Processing your EOY and you then printing your P14 and P35, and then with a click of a mouse in our website, E-Filing your EOY P14 and P35 returns to the HMRC. (The advantage of using our E-Filing system is that you don't waste your time re-keying in the data. All the data will then be accurate).

£ 3 per Employee
Other costs
The only other cost you have to bear is viewing some adverts similar to other free services, such as free E-Mail or free search engines etc. However, these adverts will not affect the running of your payroll and will certainly be much less annoying than those adverts which interrupt your viewing of a good film on TV.
Note: You do not need to pay us anything for the E-Filing when you sign up. You only need to pay the E-Filing fee if and when you decide to use our E-Filing service.