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  Why Free CIS?

Welcome to PayrooCIS, a 100% Free Internet based CIS and payroll package.

• Yes, the package's CIS300 returns and verifications have gained HMRC RECOGNITION and the package is listed on the HMRC's recognised vendors website.

• Yes, it is free.

• Yes, Payroo's free CIS also gives you free usage of its HMRC PAYE recognised Payroll and P11D
i.e. you have CIS, Payroll and P11D all free with one sign up over the Internet.

Why Free?: the simple answer to the question is that Payroo's business model is based on advertisement revenue income rather than fees. This is in line with many other free Internet services you may have used.

However, we guarantee that you will not be disturbed by the adverts when you do your routine CIS, Payroll or P11D processing.

• Yes, you can process your payments to sub-contractors and run your employee payroll from your office, your home, or even abroad, so long as there is an Internet connection. It is 100% Internet based.

• Yes, quality and stability are excellent.
HMRC records show that the e-filing system behind our package has scored a 99.99% success rate. It is also very simple and easy to use.

Mr. John Knight, the company Chairman and a FCA Chartered Accountant, with more than 35 years working knowledge of accounting, CIS and payroll practice, has been heavily involved in the functional design and supervision of the project. This is why the payroll and CIS system was able to pass more than 1000 accuracy accreditation and e-filing tests set by the HMRC, without a single penny deviation.

Providing free services over the Internet and getting paid through advertisements is nothing new. This is commonly known as dot.com business. These free services do work and many of us are benefiting from them everyday, however we tend to take them for granted.

We are not apologetic about adopting the dot.com business model. When Yahoo and Hotmail offered e-mail services for free, people were wondered how they would make ends meet. When Dixons in the UK, the first in the world, went one step further and offered free Internet account connections, there was an even bigger stir in the market place. Many of the Dixon Free serve competitors looked on the free Internet account connections with contempt, but eventually they all took note of the new business trend.

When the Google free search engine took the market by storm, free services became credible and respectable. When Skype became the market leader in free phone services, within a matter of months the general perception of free services changed even further. The list of Internet legends is far greater than we can detail here.

Like it or not, these days if you have a good fully Internet based product you are expected to offer it free. Strangely enough, in the Internet world, the free services seem to grow better and be more profitable in the end.

Technology is moving and changing everything and so too are our perceptions. Free services are here to stay and grow. If our fully Internet based package does not quickly enter the fray by offering free services we may miss the boat.

We hope you enjoy using our PayrooCIS.

With Warmest Regards